Online Business- First steps for Startups

Regardless the recession that economic crisis generates, there is always space for innovative ideas to emerge.  Nevertheless various industries decline, other are developing and becoming succesful. Commerce will always be necessary as long as people with needs exist.

Innovators are driven to continuously create and with the help of technology consumers come closer to the market. According to UPS commerce study, consumers nowadays prefer online shopping.  Online business takes another direction. Despite growing competition,  startups can gain a completive edge and build successful online businesses.

First steps that you need to take to introduce your startup:

1)Mobile technology

Simply developing an app for mobiles is not enough as users do not download apps just because they exist.  There has to be more motivation and of course services with value to be gained.  Smart phones are parts of our lives. Most of our daily routine is been executed through our mobile. So, strive to upgrade mobile experience in accordance with your business philosophy, brand and identity. You need constantly to be in tune with customer behaviour and what makes them to engage with certain apps, services user experiences.  The secret ingredient is the interactivity between users, social media and business.  If you decide to develop an app make sure that you provide the user with the autonomy to interact as much as he can.

2) “Build working systems “

As Michael Gerber stated in E-Myth Revisited: ‘ Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.’ Departments of your startup, such as marketing, finance, HR, tech etc are structured systems. These systems have to work independently and with the help of technology, you can control them  with various business tools (Google apps for work, Trello etc).

3) Marketing Strategy

There are plenty of ways to market your startup! With low budget you can create a high impact on your target group.  The key to promote your startup is your ability to tell stories that your audience can relate to. Also, you can start to maintain a blog for your consumers that will be well structured  and will keep your readers emotionally involved. Strategies that will guarantee measurable returns are the following:

  • Collaboration and strategic partnerships. Join networking platforms (LinkedIn, Pitchstor, etc) and look for key partners that have already a significant  pool of consumers, members, partnerships.  Look for opportunities with brands that are in similar business fields.  Networking will skyrocket your startup.
  • Offer rewards to your consumers. This strategy always excites your costumers and makes them talk about they rewards to friends, family, co-workers and so on. Its a strategy that works for many successful businesses like Dropbox, that offer free usage of their premium course to catch the attention and buy-in from users.
  • Build relations with influencers.  As a startup you are going to pitch your business and your ideas many times. But, this is not the only way to boost your stratup. You will also need to meet with people that have an impact on your industry. They can give your business a push by introducing you to decision makers, resources or publication.
  • Pay attention to the content that you use. Many times startups’ contents have gaps and that is a great opportunity for your competitors to harm your business. Spend your time on creating useful content, link-worthy.

Launching the next big startup is within your reach, it only requires a structured and well planned approach. Create and hold your vision no matter what. Be optimistic and believe in your team. These are the main ingredients for a successful future!

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