Characteristics and tips for the next Unicorn leaders

In the world of business, a unicorn is a company, usually a startup that has an established performance record, with an estimated valuation of more that $1billion. Their leaders are extraordinary personalities with innovative minds and their companies are built to last.

These companies share 3 common characteristics:

  • All companies are disruptors
  • All companies made a technological change
  • All companies change the attitude of the costumers


One of the main responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is to build and maintain a high performance team. The way to achieve that is to:

  • To hire the best skilled people
  • To work together as a team. The key is to share a common vision
  • Set a clear crystal direction, mission, values, philosophy, strategy, team rules


‘The company with the best people wins. – Keith Krach, CEO of DocuSign’

Another secret is to build your company in strong partnerships. Networking is the main ingredient to do so. Make time in your daily program to build your network. This job can be done through the internet, so is easy and effortless. Create your Presence on market places such as Pitchstor. Another strategy, is to involve a large number of equity investors. that will enable the company to grow and gain market share through reseller agreements.


5 Pieces of advice that a CEO should know:

  1. Focus on your strategy
  2. Decide on the positioning of the company, take something complicated and make it simple.
  3. Hire and retain the best people.
  4. Be good at raising money. Time equals money so don’t lose time
  5. Ego is your enemy


Many CEO’s are also passionate about giving back. Promote and donate a small amount of your earnings. Think positive about others and do something good for them.


Today, one of the biggest challenges for  CEOs is the  growing complexity of technologies,  business processes and consumers’ expectations.


Creative leaders will help humanity balance between overconsumption and purpose in life.

‘Creativity is now the single most important leadership quality,” Anne Lise Kjaer.’

These are the characteristics that creative leaders  have in common:

  1. They can chose successful business leaders, passionate employees and business partners
  2. They are focused on their strategy.
  3. They deliver solutions to the customers
  4. They are early adopters of new technology
  5. They have a business model innovation

Are you the next startup with the disruptive business model? Build a company that will last and learn from others. Observe and focus your mind on your strategy. Do not give up no matter what.

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