6 Habits of self-made millionaires

Habits can change your life and transform you to a millionaire. It only takes a few changes in your daily habits and the way you interact with your environment. Innovative personalities have same characteristics in common.

  1. Use simply words.

Share your message in simple terms. Millionaires use their words with precision and posses deep meaning in what they say. It takes practise to learn to speak with ease, diligently work on improving what they say and how they say it.

  1. Get rid of the past.

Abandon the negative habits of the past and search for new positive ones to replace them. Observe yourself  and try to detect the bad habits, once you become aware of them, a positive mindset  it is easy to be built and change your reality.

  1. Set goals on a daily basis.

Set your goals on a paper every single day. It is an inspiring habit that helps you prioritize and actually doing what matters most.

  1. Make decisions.

The more decision you make, the more successful  you will be! The person who makes the most decisions will win, even if the decisions lead to failure. This is the only way to learn to quickly make adjustments.

  1. Ask questions.

Most people assume that they know the answers. Their assumptions actually hold them back from knowing the truth. Ask question to gain clarity about the direction you are heading.

  1. Become a master.

Think about your daily habits and how they affect you. Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. Once you’ve adopted a good habit, keep gaining new ones.

”Every master was once a disaster.” – T. Harv Eker

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How to successfully Marketing your Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s all about marketing when it comes to start your own business, getting a new product off the ground, raising money for a cause, exploring growth opportunities for small business and building your brand.

But, before you get your crowdfunding campaign  started, consider the marketing essentials  (Marketing Strategy) that you need to accelerate and boost your campaign.

 Find the right connection between the message that your campaign wants to communicate and emotion that has to be transmitted to your backers.

Make it worthwhile. The object of the campaign has to come across as special or unique. It should embody an element of innovation, need or scarcity in any market. Scarcity drives the demand of any project, so you have to offer some exchange for the participation. It might be a T-shirt or even an early model of the product. Think about it for a while, what your potential backers would love to get back? Or even you, what would you expect to get back if you spend your money? Most people love to get back more tangible things, as the products or services it-selves. Give something valuable back, and you will see that most people will run to back your campaign, simply because they will just love to get what your are giving!

Every campaign needs an end day. At some point the funding has to stop. So, several tracks run in sequence:

-You need a calendar to plan your strategy . Get in touch with you fans, plan your promotion or more simply to make it known.

-During the period before launch, generate as much interest as possible. Usually through collecting emails and marketing techniques. Use your social media accounts to prepare your audience and expect it, by the time you go live.

-Organise a specific marketing event during the funding period, such as a catchy competition or a speech announcing that you are fundraising. Remember, with crowdfunding there is no limits, you only have to get the thousands of people who believe that they like what you are doing on board.

Write a narrative. Let people know the story of how everything started , where you want to go and how you intend to get there. Also, your story needs an explanation why you are pursuing crowdfunding as opposed to other investment strategies.

Make it multi-dimensional. Be sure to support your pitch with facts, figures and specifics on costs, forecasts and expectations.

You’ll also want to make your campaign a media event, something that goes viral across many platforms! That takes vivid visuals, such as photos with people interacting with the product, testimonials by end users and so on.

Improve your image. You must have some evidence of a positive past, some proof that things are ongoing. That said your initial strategy must include development or improvement of existing marketing media and social media accounts. The people who will view your campaign, simply don’t know you, so they have to be convinced that you worth the effort and the time.

With strategy and commitment you can reach people around the world bypassing banks and professionals investors. The opportunity is expansive and promising, it takes work that starts with exploring the qualitative marketing challenges of crowdfunding.

Start by using your own audience. The key to crowdfunding, that unfortunately few people understand, is the perception that once someone is uploading a campaign, then everyone will jump in to back it with funds. This may happen if your product or service is massive, but most of the times, your own audience is the key to a further fundraising. This means that you and your circle, have to be the first who will support it and fund it. Would you invest your money to a campaign that has raised zero money? Of course not. And that’s why the most founders around the world, back their campaign first, with the support of their audience (friends, family, partners) in order to give it a birth. If people see that your campaign has collected some money, and they like it, most probably they will back it!

Keep posting to your social media accounts. Make your presence bold by posting all these steps of your journey to your social media accounts and any other relevant pages and groups. You hold the keys to your visibility and awareness, so during your crowdfunding campaign, try to maximise this important effort. Remember, in crowdfunding your receive the support of every single person on earth, there are no boundaries to that, as long as you motivate and inspire others to believe in you!

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Five elements for a successful crowdfunding campaign:

Crowdfunding has many benefits and is a great way to start your venture.  Only some of those benefits are:

– You can test your product. Crowdfunding validates your idea and gives you a powerful proof of concept.

– Gives you access to further funding. You can unlock further funding from Venture Capitals, Angel Investors or Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns.

– Can be used as a Marketing Tool. As your campaign becomes viral on social media pages you can effortlessly get referral traffic to your website! Thousands of organic visits from unique users and potential funders.

– Helps you minimize Risk. Starting up a business is a very risky and challenging journey. Launching a Crowdfunding campaign hedges the risk and serves a valuable learning experience. 

But in order to reap the benefits, you need to consider five elements that  your campaign should have :

  1. Timing

Early Funding and backing is the key to successful crowdfunding. This simply means that the more backers and funding received in the first few days of a campaign, the more likely it is to succeed. This suggests that designing a campaign to reward the early backer will lead to it being more successful.

  1. Networks

Having  large online social networks will help you achieve success when it comes to crowdfund your idea.   So, you can intentionally use your social media network in order to boost your campaign.

  1. Add a video

Your video is the first thing that people will see when they visit your profile. The first  impression is the most important one. If the visitors of your campaign will get excited about what you are doing or offering, they will probably back your campaign! Check Video editing apps, download the app that meet your needs and create your own video easily.

It doesn’t need to be something very special in order to engage your backers and excite them. Be yourself and explain what you are doing and why people should support you!

​Note: People on the internet do not spend their time reading or watching big videos.

Upload a video that the maximum length is two minutes.

  1. Set the amount of money that you want to raise

Having a realistic target is important. Think about the minimum you need to make your project happen, you can always increase your target once you hit your first goal and start overfunding. Last but not least, remember that backers are afraid of seeing big targets that potentially won’t reach their funding goal.

  1. Reciprocity

In a virtual community, such as Pitchstor, supporting other people’s projects could be a good way to attract support for your own project as well. The positive impact of reciprocity indicates the crowdfunding platforms are virtual communities- where altruistic behavior makes innovators more likely to succeed.


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